01.15.18Kana Dehara Trio at 大阪ミスターケリーズ

1/14 (日) 大阪 Mr. Kelly's
予約¥3,800 当日¥4,000
OPEN 17:30 START/ 1st 19:00 / 2nd 20:30

01.13.18Kana Dehara Trio at 名古屋ケニーズ

1/13( 土)名古屋 Mr. Kenny's

予約¥2,800 当日 ¥3,300
OPEN 18:00 START 1st 19:30 2nd 20:50

01.08.18Kana Dehara Trio at 楽屋


1/8 東京(月) 中目黒 楽屋
予約 ¥3,000 当日 ¥3,500
OPEN / 18:00 START / 1st 19:30 2nd 21:00

01.12.17Kana Dehara Piano Trio in Tokyo

Open 6:00pm

1st Set 7:30pm
2nd Set 9:00pm

3500 yen/ 3800 yen (Door)

01.07.17Kana Dehara Piano Trio in Osaka Japan

6:30 Open
1st set 7:30
2nd set 9:00

3800 yen / 4000 yen ( door)

07.16.16Kana Trio at Outside The Box Festival

2:30-3:30 at Tremont Stage

02.25.16Kana Dehara Trio at Middle Grey

Dinner show at Middle Grey. To purchase the tickets, please go to the link.

01.07.16Zeke Martin Group - Ryles


12.19.15Solo Piano at Langham Hotel

3pm- 9pm

12.18.15Solo piano at Langham Hotel

3pm- 9pm

12.10.15Zeke Martin Trio at Riverwalk Cafe












10.16.15The Off Chance - David Friend Hall




10.02.15East Bay Grille






09.11.15Zeke Martin Band - Slade's


06.04.15Kana Dehara Trio CD release party - Ryles Jazz Club

Kana Dehara (p)
Keita Ogawa (dr)
Shin Sakaino (b)





04.17.15Royal Garden's


04.11.15East Bay Grille






03.27.15Avon Walker




03.20.15Great American Tavern


02.28.15Harvard Masquerade Ball - Sheraton






02.14.15Royal Garden


02.07.15Dave Macklin Band


02.06.15Nina's Groove - Sonny's Walkeronny's Walker


01.30.15Zeke Martin Band - Slade's


01.11.15Kana Dehara Piano Trio at 中目黒 楽屋

12.28.14Kana Dehara Piano Trio at Mr. Kelly's in Osaka

12.20.14Dave Macklin Band at Stonewood Peabody

12.13.14Dave Macklin Band at Lowell

11.11.14Zeke Martin band

Slade's Boston 7:30-10:30pm

11.01.14Dave Macklin band


10.18.14Zeke Martin Band - Club 66 Stoughton

Stoughton, MA 7:30pm-11:00pm

10.04.14Dave Macklin Band

Lowell, MA

09.27.14Bean town Jazz Festival - Zeke Martin Band

4-8pm at Slade, Boston

09.18.14CCTV - Zili Misik

5:30pm- Cambridge

09.14.14Solo piano at Johnny D


09.13.14Dave Macklin Band at VFW

09.11.14Solo Piano at Harvard Club

09.06.14Dave Macklin Band at Royal Garden RI


07.31.14Reggae on the River

Garberville, CA

07.25.14Northwest Reggae Fest

Autoria, OR

05.23.14Juan de Fuca Festival

Port Angeles, WA

05.17.14Andre Ward - Scullers Jazz Club


05.16.14Nina's Groove - Sonny's Walker


05.08.14Lance Martin Group at Ryles Jazz club

03.14.14Regatta bar - Cruzamente & Zili Misik

Cambridge, MA

01.16.14Kana Dehara Piano Trio at 夢湊庵 in Tokyo

Shin Sakaino (Bass)
Ryo Shibata ( Drums)

01.09.14Kana Dehara Piano Trio at Mr. Kelly's in Osaka

11.18.13Lance Martin group

Sonny Walkers Roxburry, MA

11.18.13Zili Misik at Left field in NYC

11.10.13Kana Dehara Piano Trio at MEW NY


10.23.13Wellesley College - Zili Misik


10.14.13Opening our Doors - Zili Misik

Mary Baker Eddy Library

09.28.13Grassroots 30th Anniversary Celebration @Dante Alighieri Society

7pm Cambridge MA

09.21.134th Annual Backyard Stomp - Zili Misik

7pm Roslindale, MA

09.20.13The Barnstormers Theater

7pm Tamworth, NH

07.19.13Kana Dehaha Piano Trio at Tomi Jazz NY

9:00-10:00 / 10:30-11:30 / 12:00-1:00

06.13.13Middle east downstairs

9pm Opening for 8 Hot Brass band from New Orleans!

06.07.13Burlington Jazz Festival

Burlington, VT

05.11.13Cape Cod Women's Festival

Provincetown, MA

04.26.13Kana Dehara Piano Quartet - Skinners

01.17.13Kana Dehara Piano trio at Mr. Kelly's

11.30.12Unitarian Univesalist Community Cooperative Party @ Hibernian Hall

7pm Roxbury MA

11.10.12First Parish Church

8pm Watertown MA

11.10.12All Bright World Night Fundraiser @ Crystal Restaurant

6pm Allston MA

10.26.12First works school work shop - Zili Misik

Providence, RI

10.26.12Chattanooga State Community College

10.12.12Kana Dehara Piano Quartet - Skinners


Skinners, Inc. 60 Park Plaza

10.06.12Private Event - Zili Misik

09.29.12Jazz Fest

12pm Newton, MA

09.29.12Fire Works Festival - Zili Misik

4pm Providence, RI

09.29.12First Works Performance - Zili Misik

9pm, Providence RI

09.17.12Third Annual Barnyard Stomp - Zili Misik

7pm, Roslindale MA

09.14.12Auburn Moon Show case - Zili Misik

Grand Rapids, MI

08.16.12Boston Green Fest


08.05.12Zumix- Zili Misik

6pm East Boston,MA

08.04.12Beehive - Zili Misik

07.24.12The Regatta bar - Zili Misik


07.19.12Roslindale Festival - Zili Misik

6pm Roslindale, MA

07.19.12Camp Harbor View - Zili Misik


07.19.12Roslindale Farmers Market - Zili Misik


07.12.12Cruise on the Boston Harbor


07.06.12Sail Fest

7pm New London, CT

06.15.12James Town Community College

James Town, NY

06.14.12Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum - Zili Misik


06.08.12BeachComber - Zili Misik

10pm,Well fleet, MA

05.23.12Kana Dehara Piano trio at Mr. Kelly's

Osaka Japan.
1st 19:30 2nd 9:15

05.04.12Beehive - Zili Misik

10pm - Boston

04.27.12Anime Central - VGO


04.20.12Kana Dehara Piano Trio

ST. Merry's Church Dorchester 7pm

04.07.12Pax - VGO

9:15 pm, Boston Convention Center, MA

03.10.12VGO Orchestra at Symphony Hall - Distant World

03.08.12Women's network musician's show at Berklee Performance Center - Zili Misik

03.02.12CD Release at Church - Zili Misik


02.26.12Scott Tarulli Group

02.23.12Opening for Lauryn Hill at House of Blues - Zili Misik

02.21.12Kana Dehara Piano trio at Wally's


11.19.11Amazing Things Arts Center - Zili Misik

9pm Framingham MA

10.25.11CCTV Ground RE-Opening Celebration

5pm Cambridge MA

10.15.11Lucy Stone Fund Raiser -Zili Msik

8:30 Jamaica Plain MA

10.06.11Brighton Music Hall - Zili Misik

9pm Boston. Part of Berklee Banded event.

10.01.11The Roots Cafe - Zili Misik

08.06.11Gaia Festival - Zili Misik


08.03.11Titus Sparrow Park Summer Concert Series - Zili Misik

6pm Boston,MA

08.02.11Mary Baker Edy Library - Zili Misik

10:45am Boston, MA

07.26.11Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park - Zili Misik

Boston, MA

07.23.11Roslindale Farmers Market - Zili Misik


07.21.11Parish of the New Epiphany - Zili Misik

Winchester, MA

07.16.11Reggae on the river - Zili Misik


07.15.11California Worldfest - Zili Misik

Chico CA

07.10.11Oregon Country Fair - Zili Misik

Veneta, OR

07.09.11Oregon Country Fair - Zili Misik

Veneta, OR

07.08.11Oregon Country Fair - Zili Misik

Veneta, OR

07.02.11Littlefield - Zili Misik

10pm NYC,NY

06.23.11Milky Way Lounge & Lanes - Zili Misik

9pm Jamaica Plain, MA

06.10.11EN-ER-GY at Oberon! - Zili Misik

Cambridge, MA

06.04.11Beehive - Zili Misik

10pm Boston, MA

05.29.11Private Event - Zili Misik

Dennis MA

05.27.11BeachComber - Zili Misik

Wellfleat, MA 9pm

05.26.11Milky Way Lounge & Lanes - Zili Misik

9pm Jamaica Plain MA

04.28.11Milky Way Lounge & Lanes - Zili Misik

9pm Jamaica Plain MA

04.16.11The Roots Cafe - Zili Misik

Providence RI

04.08.11Divine Word College - Zili Misik

7pm Epworth IA

04.02.118th Annual Urban Walk for Haiti - Zili Misik

Cambridge MA

04.02.11Beehive - Zili Misik

10pm Boston, MA

04.01.11VGO Orchestra at Symphony Hall

03.16.11Ryles Jazz Club - Zili Misik

8:00pm Cambridge MA

03.08.11Bunker Hill Community College - Zili Misik

4:30pm Boston, MA

02.16.11Club Felt - Zili Misik

9:00 Boston MA

02.05.11Beehive - Zili Misik

10pm Boston, MA

01.21.11Center for the Arts at the Amory - Zili Misik

7:30 Sommerville, MA

01.15.11Amazing Things Arts Center - FEATURE ACT - Zili Misik

7pm Framingham, MA

12.15.10Casa Myrna Benefit Concert - Zili Misik

12.12.10Milky Way Lounge -Zili Misik

9 pm Jamaica Plain, MA

10.29.10Indiana University Southeast - Zili Misik

10.22.10The Regatta bar - Zili Misik

7 pm

07.09.10Worthington International Festival - Zili Misik

6 pm Worthington, MN

06.20.10Energy@Oberon - Zili Misik

7 pm-Cambridge, MA

06.19.10Kana Dehara Piano Trio - Wally's

Playing original music with Shin Sakaino/ Jeff Fajardo!!

06.12.10THe Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm Boston, MA

05.22.10The Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm Boston , MA

05.16.10Private Party - Zili Misik

TBA Boston , MA

05.09.10"Retrospective" Music of Emerante de Pradines

TBA Boston , MA

05.01.10Jewett Auditorium/ Jewett Arts Center - Zili Misik

8 pm Wellesley, MA
20 year Yanvalou Celebration!

04.29.10Art/ Soul Cafe - Zili Misik

7 pm Wellesley MA

04.24.10THe Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm Boston, MA

04.10.10Walk for Haiti - Zili Misik

11 am Harford , CT

04.02.10VGO Orchestra

7 pm Hynes Convention

03.27.10Walk for Haiti - Zili Misik

TBA Boston ,MA


Marblehead, MA

03.13.10The Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm Boston , MA

03.12.10Cabaret - Zili Misik

6 pm Lexington, MA

03.06.10IntelliJam!! Fundraiser - Zili Misik

Brookline, MA

02.27.10The Beehive

10 pm Boston , MA

02.19.10Lizard Lounge - Zili Misik

9 pm Cambridge, MA
Last winter residency show at Lizard Lounge

with special guest Naia Kete

02.18.10Johnny D's - Zili Misik

8pm Somerville, MA
Benefit for Haiti, with guest Haitian singer Emeline Michel

02.13.10Fairfield Community Arts Center


01.23.10The Shrine - Zili misik

10 pm in NYC

01.22.10The lizard lounge - Zili Misik

9 pm

01.08.10The lizard lounge - Zili Misik

9 pm

12.19.09Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm

12.19.09Hiro Honkyuku / A-No-Ne Christmas at Beehive

12.18.09Slades Bar and Grill - Zili Misik


10.29.09Kana Dehara Piano Trio

At Mister Kelly's

Bass: Takuya Sakasaki / Drums: Ryo Shibata

10.21.09Kana Dehara Piano Trio

Bass: Yasutaka Yorozu/ Drums: Shibata Ryo

10.12.09Paradise Rock Club Opening for ZAP MAMA - Zili Misik

09.19.09Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm 21+

09.17.09CCTV BBQ -Zili Misik

5 pm // Cambridge, MA

09.12.09Boston Ahts Festival - Zili Misik

2 pm // Boston, MA

08.11.09Boston Waterfront Series - Zili Misik

TBA // Boston, MA

08.07.09NW World Reggae Festival - Zili Misik

TBA // Eugene, OR

07.14.09Great Scotts - Zili Misik

opening for the Occidential Brothers Dance Band International from Chicago

07.09.09Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm // Boston, MA

07.07.09Mary Baker Eddy Library - Zili Misik

11 am // Boston, MA

06.27.09Beehive - Zili Misik

10 pm // Boston, MA

06.20.09Outdoors @ Boston Center for the Arts - Zili Misik

1 pm // Boston, MA

06.14.09Decordova Museum - Zili Misik

2 pm // Lincoln MA

06.12.09Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum - Zili Misik

6 pm// Boston, MA

06.07.09Patriot's Place - Zili Misik

2pm Foxborough, MA

05.30.09Alvin Ailey Theater - Zili Misik

NYC,NY//7pm( Event allday)

05.15.09CD Release party at Church - Zili Misik

with special guests: Shea Rose and Iyeoka & the Rock Band by Funk Tribe

03.15.09Cafe Luna - A-No-Ne Jazz Ensemble


03.12.09Women's Musician's Network Concert

at BPC 8:15~

03.09.09Radio Show!!!

March 9th//13:00~14:00

02.26.09Siren song@ Church!


12.15.08Katarzyana Anna Rokicka Recital

Recital Hall 1A at Berklee College of Music 7:00-

12.12.08Tiger Okoshi Ensemble Recital

David Friends Hall at Berklee College of Music 7:30-

12.05.08Pat Metheny Ensemble Recital

David Friend Hall in Berklee College of Music 7:00-

11.10.08Kana Dehara Recital

1W at Berklee College of Music 4:00-

10.24.08Alex Stoyanov Recital

Recital hall 1A at Berklee College of Music 7:00-

10.10.08Joe Miura Recital

Recital Hall 1A at Berklee College of Music